Some in U.S. Say Russia Should Be an Arctic Council Priority

Recent actions in the Arctic have some asking whether a tougher line with Russia should be a priority as the U.S. prepares to assume a 2-year chairmanship of the Arctic Council. A report by Alaska Public Radio Network discusses comments by an Arctic expert and U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) at a recent forum sponsored by […]

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New U.S. Arctic Vessel Readies for Scientific Research Missions

An upcoming addition to the U.S. Arctic vessel fleet will provide scientists with a new opportunity to conduct scientific research in the Arctic. ScienceInsider reports that the RV Sikuliaq recently completed a 23-day journey to successfully test the $200 million vessel’s capacity to operate in icy Arctic waters.  The vessel is expected to begin research operations […]

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Finnish Businesses to Government: Make Arctic a National Priority

Finland’s national chamber of commerce, EK, recently issued a report addressing the need for the country to take advantage of significant potential Arctic-related investor opportunities. The Arctic Journal writes that the report contains ten recommendations for developing a coherent economic policy for the Arctic. The Arctic is big business. In the Barents region alone, potential investments could […]

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Energy Department Report Calls for Arctic Development

A report released today by the National Petroleum Council, an advisory committee to the Department of Energy, calls for a push in Arctic drilling in order to move America closer toward energy stability. While shale reserves have drastically transformed America’s energy outlook, the report, entitled “Arctic Potential: Realizing the Promise of U.S. Oil and Gas […]

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Norway Leads the World in Arctic Investment

Norway has made strides in Arctic development, channeling resources into encouraging industry and resource extraction in the “High North,” according to Cryopolitics: “…the government in Oslo seems determined to make the North an example for the planet. Anne Kari Ovind, Deputy Director General and Head of Department for Security Policy and the High North within […]

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China Establishes Arctic Satellite Data Receiving Station

China is making progress on a satellite data receiving station in Sweden a move that will dramatically increase the country’s ability to gather data about the Arctic, according to Experts say the station will enable China to obtain satellite remote sensing data for research on China’s environmental conditions, resource distribution, and global climate change. Qin […]

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Alaskans Question U.S. Arctic Representative about Their Role in Policy Making

Last week, U.S. Special Representative for the Arctic Admiral Robert Papp spoke to the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC about “U.S. Leadership in the Arctic.” During his remarks, Admiral Papp discussed the “listening tour” he’s executed to hear the opinions of important international Arctic stakeholders including Alaska Natives and foreign governments like Russia and Norway. He […]

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Officials Address U.S. Arctic Policy Coordination

During a recent event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, officials from the Obama Administration discussed a new Executive Order that seeks to enhance cooperation amongst the multiple federal agencies charged with implementing Arctic policy. Dr. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, reviewed […]

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U.S. Head of Continental Defense: Arctic is “Critical”

The U.S. must take steps to bolster its military presence in the area as the Arctic increases in economic and political importance, according to one high-ranking official responsible for handling airborne threats and advocating for Arctic interests on behalf of the Department of Defense. In an interview with Alaska Public Media, Admiral Bill Gortney, head […]

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DOI Releases Proposed Arctic Drilling Regulations

The U.S. Department of the Interior last week proposed regulations for offshore oil and natural gas drilling in the U.S. Arctic Ocean. The regulations, which are the first of their kind, augment existing regulations that currently apply to operators in the Gulf of Mexico and target the unique conditions operators will encounter in the Arctic. […]

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