Multi-million dollar upgrade for Arctic seed vault

Today, The Guardian  reported that the Global Seed Vault built 130m inside a mountain in the arctic will undergo upgrades to its ‘failsafe’ technology due to water from melting permafrost seeping inside the vault. The millions of seeds inside were not ruined, however, the vault will be under continuous watch until the upgrades are complete.

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Business Insider: Russia’s Beefs Up Its Nuclear Capabilities

Business Insider reported today on a Sputnik news story about Russia’s strengthening of its Northern Fleet nuclear capacities to “phase ‘NATO out of the Arctic.’” This announcement is part of Russia’s 2011-2020 State Armament Plan, which includes $723 billion in spending for a modernized military force.

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Interior Sec. Signs Order on AK Energy

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke today signed a Secretarial Order directing the review and revision of the management plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and the updating of assessments of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and natural gas resources in Alaska’s North Slope, including in the NPR-A and 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sec. Zinke […]

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Final Notice of Sale Issued for June 2017 Cook Inlet Lease Sale

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management today announced that the agency will hold Cook Inlet Lease Sale 244 in Anchorage, AK on Wednesday, June 21.  The lease blocks being offered are located in federal waters stretching roughly from Kalgin Island in the north to Augustine Island in the south.  BOEM estimates that estimated resource potential of the […]

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Juneau Empire Op-Ed: Offshore Decision a Win for AK Families

In an op-ed published in the Juneau Empire today, Consumer Energy Alliance-Alaska President Anne Seneca and Alaska Trucking Association Executive Director Aves Thompson applauded the recent Executive Order that revisits and reverses federal roadblocks to domestic offshore energy development, calling the decision “welcome news to families, businesses and Native tribal groups who’ve come to rely on not […]

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Interior Secretary Signs Order on Offshore Energy

During a session on offshore energy hosted by Consumer Energy Alliance at the Offshore Technology Conference on Monday, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke signed a Secretarial Order that among other things directs the development of a new offshore oil and gas leasing program, expedited review of requests for seismic survey applications, and a review of national marine sanctuary […]

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President Issues Executive Order on Offshore Energy

President Trump today issued an Executive Order directing the Interior Secretary to give full consideration to revising the nation’s offshore oil and natural gas leasing program to include lease sales for regions including but not limited to the Alaskan Arctic  The Order also rescinds the Dec. 2016 indefinite leasing withdrawals of most of the Alaskan Arctic […]

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