Offshore Bill Introduced in U.S. House and Senate

U.S. Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) on Wednesday introduced H.R. 2157 (“Outer Continental Shelf Energy Access Now Act,” or “OCEAN Act”), which would limit the authority of the president to withdraw areas from future offshore oil and gas leasing to unleased areas located in designated national marine sanctuaries, reverse previous leasing withdrawals under Section 12(a) of […]

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VOA: Report: China’s Arctic Activities Demand Closer US Attention

In an article published today, Voice of America wrote about a report issued by the U.S. State Department’s International Security Advisory Board report that conveys concern about China’s increasing activities in the Arctic.  In addition to calling on the U.S. to exert leadership in the Arctic, the report addresses concerns about “Russian interests, policies and […]

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Russian Navy to Create Military Icebreaker Fleet for Arctic

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval in 2015 of a revised maritime doctrine prioritizing the protection of the country’s interests in the Arctic, Sputnik News reports on the Russian Navy’s announcement that it will create an icebreaker military vessel fleet that is capable of carrying artillery and missiles.  According to the report, the Russian Navy’s first icebreaker in […]

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Global News: Icrebreaker Expedition Could Bolster Canada’s Claim to Arctic

An article published today in Global News notes that a 47-day Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker trek from Halifax to Norway to the North Pole “could bolster the country’s claim to Arctic sovereignty.”  The mission will include scientific research activity and seabed mapping, and the participation of researchers from the European Union and United States.  Canada’s Minister […]

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AP: North Dakota Base Could Be Home to Arctic Mission

The Associated Press today wrote about efforts of North Dakota’s two U.S. senators to promote the use of Grand Forks Air Force Base to further peace and stability and increase situational awareness in the Arctic.  With Grand Forks’ main mission now being unmanned aircraft and home to three models including the long-range RQ-4 Global Hawk,  Retired U.S. Air […]

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U.S. Interior Dept. Announces Final Arctic Offshore Drilling Rule

The U.S. Interior Dept. today announced the release of a final rule applicable to mobile offshore drilling units engaged in exploratory drilling in the U.S. Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.  The rule includes various requirements including access to source control and containment equipment and a separate relief rig, development of an Integrated Operations Plan, and real-time monitoring of […]

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Inaugural Participants Selected for Fulbright Arctic Initiative

Seventeen individuals from Arctic countries including Russia, Sweden, and the United States have been selected to serve as the initial members of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative.   The Arctic Journal writes that the group will spend the next 18 months conducting research on energy, water, health, and infrastructure. That description might sound like standard stuff […]

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9 Key Takeaways from the Iqaluit Arctic Council Meeting

The Nunatsiaq News has a brief rundown of the important takeaways from the most recent Arctic Council meeting in Iqaluit, Canada where the U.S. assumed its chairmanship of the Council. 1. The sealing war with the European Union? It’s over. 2. Under the U.S., climate change is back on the Arctic Council’s agenda. 3. The Arctic Council still […]

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U.S. Assumes Chairmanship of Arctic Council

With a focus on climate change, the U.S. has assumed the chairmanship of the Arctic Council following Canada’s two-year stint at the helm of the organization. The Alaska Dispatch News reports that Sec. of State John Kerry presented an agenda focused on addressing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the Arctic Ocean. Linking climate change with severe […]

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