US & Sweden Monitor Russia’s Progression in Arctic

The US & Sweden closely monitor Russia’s military buildup in the arctic. The Alaska Dispatch News examines the two nations’ responses to the changing security landscape in the Arctic.

At a conference in Washington on the future of the Arctic, former U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Robert Papp told Swedish Radio’s correspondent that the United States is closely following the Russian military buildup in the Arctic.

“Everything we have seen them doing so far, is lawful, considered and deliberative. So we’ll just continue monitoring it and not overreact to it,” he said.

Papp noted that all countries have a responsibility to be able to provide search and rescue capabilities and navigation assistance in the area and Russia seems to be investing in that.

“The Russian military activities, as far as I can see, are always aimed at causing concern, and it is very important that we follow it closely — which we are doing,”said Krister Bringéus, Sweden’s ambassador to the Arctic

“If there will be a northeast passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic, that can be traveled longer and longer parts of the year, it becomes interesting for international shipping, and this is what is being prepared for at the moment. Another aspect is the preparation to extract energy and mineral resources in the area,” he said.

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