Former Montana Senator: The Arctic Is Critical to America’s Energy Future

Writing for Forbes, former U.S. Senator Conrad Burns of Montana argues that the key to America’s energy success is Arctic development:

At a time of unrest in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe, our government should be sending signals that we are serious about long-term energy development both on and off our shores. It is critical to our national and economic security that we demonstrate our strength in this area.

Low oil prices should not motivate the government to set up regulatory roadblocks, according to Burns. Rather, regulators should be clearing the path for companies willing to explore and develop Arctic reserves. This way, America can encourage economic opportunities in the lower 48, increase U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace, ensure that the safest technologies are used for Arctic development, and protect the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System, a critical asset to the country’s path toward energy stability.

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